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Coach Shannon

In this interview, Shannon McDonald talks about her experiences and motivations as a ReUp Success Coach and the importance of making students feel seen, heard, and supported.   How do you apply your own experiences and challenges with college to support your students?  I use a lot of my past and personal experience to support students. I’m a first-generation college graduate. I hold two degrees; I obtained my MA while also delivering a baby without taking time off, so having a traditional and nontraditional success story helps with perspective. Also, my father is a true educational inspiration that I draw […]

Coach Miguel: Best-Laid Plans

ReUp Success Coach Miguel Olivera shares his experiences with academic struggle and explains the importance of authenticity. by Meilee D. Bridges Miguel Olivera is no stranger to the proverbial concept of best-laid plans going awry. As a new Success Coach at ReUp Education, Miguel has found his niche helping students explore strategies for achieving their goals. But his journey to his current destination has certainly included some twists and turns, hills and valleys. “I know the struggles I had with returning to school,” he says. “So when I talk to a student and they leave our communication feeling like, OK, […]

How Institutions with Limited Online Options Can Attract & Retain Adult Learners

As technology becomes more integrated into higher education, institutions with limited online programming are facing increasing pressure to go digital. This pressure has been multiplied by COVID, as remote learning became the norm over the past year, and some students started seeing more value in online course delivery than they had before. Consequently, colleges and universities lacking online courses are experiencing higher-than-average attrition and tuition revenue decline. However, ReUp has partnered with many institutions with limited online programs and supported enrollment success throughout the pandemic. Our experience validates that there are opportunities to improve your enrollment and retention rates, even […]

How a National Higher Ed Network Leads to Student Success

This month, we are celebrating the one-year anniversary of the ReUp Network! Our network, catered to stopout students, is building an ecosystem of programs and institutions to support the 36 million Americans with some college and no degree. The ReUp Network provides each student access to the best-fit academic path for their return to school and, ultimately, academic, professional, and life success. ReUp has ensured that this network is a core part of our partnerships because we know the importance of the opportunity for stopout students to return to the best-fit institution according to their needs. This, in turn, ensures […]

The Students Stopping Out Due to COVID-19 & How to Support Them for Increased Enrollment

Main points 25% of students have delayed their higher education enrollment since the pandemic began COVID has intensified the struggles of: students of color (especially women), those with low incomes, and those with mental health challenges In turn, they face increased barriers to enrolling and completing their degrees Higher education institutions must better understand and support their most vulnerable students to promote equity and fight decreases in enrollment this fall ReUp Education offers the revolutionary solutions and expertise needed for higher education institutions to address these issues holistically and sustainably   As dropping infections bring the promise of in-person learning […]

New Report: Supporting Stopout Students

More Americans are going to college than ever before, but only 58% of four-year students graduate within six years. The rest — who are disproportionately low-income, first-generation, and/or students of color— will not finish a degree; they’ll stop out. Stopping out has significant implications for lifelong earning power. Student debt accumulation exacerbates the earning loss; students who stop out typically face the worst of all worlds, debt without a credential to help them earn their way out. Because of the additional barriers they face in returning and graduating, stopout students require support that looks fundamentally different from the traditional student. […]