Turn your most vulnerable residents into your
most valuable.

Our approach

A comprehensive, coordinated state-wide strategy that uplifts your residents—because a skilled workforce is the backbone of a thriving economy.

Find & engage

Your lost population:
Re-engage stop-out learners you’ve already invested millions of dollars in.

With efficiency and speed:
Boost re-enrollment within a year, to bolster your workforce pipeline ASAP.

At scale:
Leverage technology and personal coaching to recapture 3x the number of learners.

Enroll in credentials of value

Patented data modeling:
Anticipate the evolving needs of adult learners as they navigate the complexities of going back for in-demand credentials.

Support persistence:
Mine success data and adapt policies to encourage learners to stay enrolled and graduate with skilled degrees.

Informed funding:
Re-capture attendance and fine-tune higher ed budgets for the greatest workforce impact.

Transform your workforce

Dedicated partnership:
Leverage ongoing strategic support that targets your state’s needs—we don’t just enroll and walk away.

Skilled workers:
Lead the nation with an increase in returning graduation rates that contribute more skills to your resident workforce.

Economic resiliency:
Strengthen your economy with diversified skillsets that draw innovative employers to your state.

We can potentially change the lives of thousands of New Jersey residents with this initiative, infusing our workforce with the skilled talent that is critical to advancing our social and economic prosperity.


New Jersey Secretary of Higher Education

Good for states and their constituents
Our partnerships have helped tens of thousands of adults across the country to re-enroll and graduate with a new credentials that build the workforce pipeline. Bring the benefits home to your state by helping your most vulnerable population advance their education to strengthen your state’s skilled workforce and the overall health and wellness of your community.
Better health
Reduced safety-net
Higher tax revenues

Every partnership unlocks access to strategic services tailored to solve your some-college-no-credential (SCNC) challenges:

ROI-driven state system

ReUp’s state-wide approach is rooted in our ability to give returning learners options across a selection of in-state institutions that keep them from going elsewhere to complete their degree. They find success at home and your state gains tens of thousands of re-enrollments in credentials that fill your skilled workforce pipeline. Residents are set on a path towards greater economic mobility and security, and less likely to relocate out of state for better jobs, which results in greater ROI for you.

Learner engagement strategy

Harnessing the power of machine learning and AI, our patented solution set helps us predict when a SCNC learner is most likely to re-enroll and what type of support they’ll need to successfully graduate with a skilled credential. Technology automation and data segmentation ensure that learners receive the right support at the right time through the right channel to keep them motivated for their future.

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They help me keep focus and maintain goals that are achievable and track my progress along the way . . . They are there to make sure that I am the best possible person I can be . . . Now, my future it’s brighter than it’s ever been.

— Aaron, 


Success coaching & insights

With the help of our technology, our team of diverse and highly-trained Success Coaches offers personalized, one-on-one support designed specifically for adult learners—to provide resources, create clear goals, and champion their success from enrollment through to graduation, preparing them to join the skilled workforce. Additionally, your state’s institutions receive insights that help them enrich their learner experience, fulfill your collective mission for student success, and mitigate future stopouts from happening in the first place.

ReUp combines the marketing, the data, and the human touch to be successful—not only for the university but also for the learner.


Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management & Director of UG Admissions, Texas State

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