Success Coaching


Re-engage stopped out students

Our success coaches guide students through the re-enrollment process and connect them to the information and resources they need to be successful in completion and beyond.

  • Coaching sessions via phone, email and text
  • Assessing why they left school and their motivation to return
  • Creating clear goals around school, life, and work
  • Identifying any obstacles to success
  • Personalized resources and reminders

We believe in students

Our diverse team of coaches — many of whom are either former stopout students or first generation learners themselves — follow the student from start to finish. With a unique focus on the stopout population, ReUp coaches help students navigate the path back to school, anticipate the challenges ahead, and get them stitched back into university culture.

Coach Spotlight

At ReUp, our success coaches are passionate about helping students finish their degree. Find out more about some of our coaches as they share their stories and what brought them to our team.