Month: June 2019

Eastern Michigan University Partners With Reup Education

reup easterb state banner

San Francisco, California: ReUp announces its official partnership with Eastern Michigan University to re-enroll stopout students and support them in earning the most powerful tool for social mobility: a college degree. Over 37 million Americans have some college but no degree, with roughly half of all college students dropping out of school. The reasons students drop out are multi-dimensional. Many of these “Forgotten Students” leave college with mountains of debt (over $27 billion annually) and without the earning power of a diploma. The social, economic, and human potential loss is enormous. While this completion crisis is alarming, ReUp has the solution. […]

Coach Kristin


When I coach students, one of the main things I focus on is their why, or their motivation behind finishing their degree. I do this because in my own experience, my why was what kept me going from an early age toward my goal of being the first person in my family to graduate from college. My why was my older brother Jeffry. Throughout my youngest years, my mom worked hard to provide for my brother and I but struggled to make ends meet as a single parent despite the long hours she put in. She instilled a strong work […]

Coach Thurston


My college journey is atypical. It started off when I was living in Memphis. I had applied and been accepted to several universities. I was offered an academic scholarship to Rhodes College, but I turned it down because they were a D III football program and I thought I could get better offers. (Ha. Youth.) But because I waited so long to accept any offers, there was no money for me to go to school. I knew I didn’t want to completely give up on school. My then- girlfriend’s mom worked in Admissions at a local community college and she […]

Coach Stephanie


A teacher once told Stephanie, “If you do not learn something new every day, you’ve wasted your day.” Stephanie took this to heart and pushes herself every day to challenge the way she thinks and how she interprets the world. But this wasn’t always the case. Growing up in small town Missouri, going to college seemed like a pipe-dream. No one in her family had graduated from college, and, looming large, was an expectation of joining the workforce immediately following high school graduation. Stephanie knew in order to go to college, she had to get a scholarship; and to get […]

Coach N’Digo


It took me eight years to finish my undergraduate degree. Three different schools, two states, two kids, one marriage, and multiple degree changes later, I finally had my degree. I was one of those people who “life” happened to throughout my undergraduate experience. I never planned it to be that way, which makes my academic journey so fitting for a person like me. Growing up in a single parent household with my mother and sister, I internalized at a very early age that I needed to have firm control of my life in order to not feel like I was […]