Coach Story

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Coach Shannon

In this interview, Shannon McDonald talks about her experiences and motivations as a ReUp Success Coach and the importance of making students feel seen, heard,

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Coach Miguel: Best-Laid Plans

ReUp Success Coach Miguel Olivera shares his experiences with academic struggle and explains the importance of authenticity. by Meilee D. Bridges Miguel Olivera is no

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Coach Kristin

When I coach students, one of the main things I focus on is their why, or their motivation behind finishing their degree. I do this

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Coach Thurston

My college journey is atypical. It started off when I was living in Memphis. I had applied and been accepted to several universities. I was

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Coach Stephanie

A teacher once told Stephanie, “If you do not learn something new every day, you’ve wasted your day.” Stephanie took this to heart and pushes

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Coach N’Digo

It took me eight years to finish my undergraduate degree. Three different schools, two states, two kids, one marriage, and multiple degree changes later, I

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