Month: June 2020

U.S. Colleges Team Up to Bring Stopouts Back to School

SAN FRANCISCO— June 16, 2020 — Students who have some college experience but no degree have a new path to graduation, thanks to a national initiative launched today by thirteen colleges including Eastern Michigan University, University of Idaho, Brandman University, and University of Tennessee, Martin. The first-of-its-kind initiative, called the ReUp Network, will enable students to complete their degree from one of 300 academic programs at partner institutions, to start, regardless of where they began their college studies.  “Far too many students start college and never complete. But earning a degree can have a dramatic impact on their employability, earnings, […]

Let’s stand together in solidarity

Recent events across the country, including the senseless murders of Black Americans like Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Ahmaud Arbery, demonstrate how far we have to go as a country to embrace diversity and end racial inequality. Systemic racism remains endemic to American society, and we stand alongside our Black colleagues, partners, and students in calling for, and working towards, a more just and equitable future. ReUp was founded to address the college completion crisis in this country, which has disproportionately impacted students of color and their families. And if education is truly the great equalizer, we must continue our […]