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Our power to help adult learners reach their goals lies firmly in the diverse talents, perspectives, and ideas of our people. We’re a prismatic crew with different backgrounds, different opinions, and different areas of expertise—united in our passion to expand success in higher education.

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Ashley Devitte
Chief of Staff
Ashley Devitte

Ashley has over a decade of experience helping grow technology companies. She is dedicated to serving a cause she believes in, helping others progress forward in a way that is meaningful to them, and creating a legacy of leadership, growth, and impact. 

Ashley was involved with ReUp’s founding team in its early days and is thrilled to rejoin ReUp as its first Chief of Staff. She strives to be an approachable leader that sees people first and values the unique lens and experience each person contributes to the overall team. Organizational efficiency and company culture are crucial when scaling a company, and Ashley sees organizational and operational challenges as opportunities for growth and learning. Partnering with the Executive team on both strategic and tactical opportunities, Ashley’s thoughtful approach to evaluating priorities will help ReUp deliver on key initiatives, stay on-track with its growth milestones, and deliver life-changing mentorship to ReUp students. Just as the future for the students ReUp mentors is full of possibilities, the future of ReUp is bright, and Ashley is looking forward to being part of the team that helps scale the business and bring that vision to a growing and engaged community of students. 

A native of New Hampshire, Ashley is a full-time “snowbird” in Orlando where she’s an active member of the Lake Nona community. You can find her at the local run club, hanging from a yoga wall, in a nook at the bookstore, or out walking with her kids and their golden retriever. She holds a B.S. in Public Affairs Management from Indiana University and graduated as a member of the inaugural cohort at the Global Chief of Staff School in 2023.