Re-Starting a Dream with ReUp Education and Excelsior College

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Nicole Carr, of Brooklyn, New York, had some college experience but no degree, and through a partnership between Excelsior College and ReUp Education, she is now on her way to earning an Associate of Science in Administrative/Management Studies.

ReUp Education helps support students like Carr who have some college experience and are balancing other life commitments outside of their studies to return to school and graduate. The company uses predictive analytics technology, data, and personalized coaching to re-enroll these students—who had previously stopped out of college for one reason or another—and keep them progressing through their courses to degree completion.

Carr enrolled at Excelsior in May 2020 and has seen immediate correlations between her work and the courses. A financial arbitrator with The Debt Management Group, a debt consolidating firm, she negotiates contracts for clients to help minimize or eliminate their debt. “I’m reading contracts and reading statements, and I try to either eliminate the debt or get into payment plans or settlements and lower their [the client’s] costs or what they’re trying to pay,” she says. Her Excelsior courses have helped in her work because they cover various business topics, including negotiation tactics, working with Excel spreadsheets, and dealing with global solutions—all themes Carr deals with on a daily basis.

Carr had decided it was time to go back to school when she learned about ReUp Education. “I actually saw a commercial for ReUp…and then once I called them and got the information, I immediately fell for the program,” she says. “What I like best about their program is their ability to understand what you want and help you to navigate those steps. Then once you’re actually at the point where you figure out what school you want to go to, they also help you with registration. …They stick with you. And I think that is so amazing.” Carr also liked that ReUp Education partners with Excelsior, which she says she was drawn to because it caters to adult learners with other life responsibilities. Carr also says she appreciates Excelsior’s hands-on learning opportunities and staff and instructor support.

Carr also receives support from her coaching advisor, N’Digo, at ReUp Education. The assistance ReUp’s coaches provide help students like Carr stay engaged in their studies and find answers to any questions and concerns. “I love her [N’Digo]. She’s so amazing. I told her when I graduated, I wanted her to come to my graduation. She is so personable, and it wasn’t just about like the basic stuff with school…. It was almost like a life coach,” says Carr.

Carr plans to use her degree to advance in her career. “I want to run my own business, and I want to be a CFO. That’s my ultimate goal for my degree,” she says. It runs in the family; Carr’s father, an U.S. Air Force veteran, started his own real estate business in Puerto Rico after retiring from service. Carr plans to pursue a master’s degree with Excelsior to meet her goal, and she encourages others to look into Excelsior and ReUp Education when pursuing their educational dreams. She says, “If you go to the ReUp program, not only do they help you step by step along the way, but they also take the initiative to help you reach out to Excelsior if you have questions…they bridge that connection for you.” Excelsior’s Bachelor of Professional Studies in Business and Management is a great way to prepare graduates for a successful career in business. Learn more!