What’s possible when learners go back to college?

The only scalable solution purpose-built to help adult learners with some college and no credential get a degree and grow their career. Uncover the full potential:
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Empowering all adults to thrive in the modern economy

Higher education wasn’t designed for working adults. That keeps many adult learners from gaining new skills, locking them out of better paying jobs, and effectively hold state economies hostage—without the skilled workforce they need to thrive. At ReUp, that’s our invitation. We’re here for the first-gens and the single parents, the career starters and the career-changers, the millions who dream of building a better future. With ReUp, that future starts now.

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For States
Rescue your investment in higher ed with a new influx of returning learners eager to join the skilled workforce

Our nation loses billions of educational investment every year when learners stop out—a challenge that impacts all 50 states. Our coordinated, statewide solution connects and supports some-college-no-credential learners back into college and through to graduation, for transformational economic impact.

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We can potentially change the lives of thousands of New Jersey residents with this initiative, infusing our workforce with the skilled talent that is critical to advancing our social and economic prosperity


New Jersey Secretary of Higher Education
For institutions
Partner with ReUp to find, enroll, and support your adult learners at scale

With our partnership, learning providers across the country have helped thousands of adults finally succeed in education.

Leveraging technology and patented predictive scoring, we reach your most complex population to re-enroll twice as many learners as the industry average.

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And we don’t just enroll and walk away. We support learners through to graduation, because what’s good for the student is good for you too.

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ReUp combines the marketing, the data, and the human touch to be successful—not only for the university but also for the learner.

— Dr. Beverly Woodsen Day

Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management & Director of UG Admissions, Texas State

For Learners
Get individualized, one-on-one support to help you take the next step towards your goals.

Never go it alone—our team of highly-trained Success Coaches understand what it’s like to return to school as an adult and are committed to providing you the support you need, when you need it, every step of the way.

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My ReUp Success Coach helped me manage stress and manage my time. I just needed that push [to remind me] ‘You’re doing great, you need to keep going, you got this.’

— Lisette, 


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