Student Connections

See first hand what personal connections look like with ReUp Education

“Many years ago, I left college to pursue a career. While I have enjoyed success in my field, I always felt I had left that chapter of my life unfinished. Over the years I investigated a few possibilities to try completing my degree, but the obstacles were daunting. I needed help navigating the administrative challenge of quantifying and making the most of my educational and professional experience. In ReUp, I found exactly the kind of partner I needed. Their staff compiled all my records and matched me with hand-picked programs at several universities. I knew I had the drive and determination to tackle the academic endeavor, and ReUp made it possible for me to do just that. I feel incredibly lucky to have been introduced to ReUp, and I can’t thank them enough!”

AndyExcelsior College

Without encouragement from my coach to re-enroll and support me throughout the whole semester, I would have possibly put my career on hold indefinitely. Sometimes we all need a little push in the right direction! “

AndresStudent at KVCC

Stephanie was a huge part of my support system this semester along with my husband.   The support I felt from a total stranger was encouraging and heartwarming.  She made me feel like I can do this! She answered my questions and when I expressed to her how alone I felt the first time I attended Parkside assured me that I would not be doing this alone. She would be here every step of the way and it was absolutely what I needed.

Adeline Student at University of Wisconsin – Parkside

If it wasn’t for my success coach sticking with me and taking the time to get to know me and understand my situation and help me come up with a good plan and stick with it, I wouldn’t be in school today.


AlejandroStudent at Bellevue University

I’m not too sure I’d be back at Valley without my Success Coach, She really helped me figure things out and has pushed me every step of the way. It is so nice to have the support of someone knowledgeable that comes with college. Having someone to support me with the resources I may need or even just motivation has been great.

SelenaStudent at KVCC

Things are a lot different, and I’m ready to finish school so I can get my degree and get a better job making more money. I know I can do that now because of ReUp! And that’s something I never thought was ever gonna happen … not in a million years!

jessicaStudent at Clarion University

My coach kind of was like a fairy godmother, in a sense. She let me know, ‘Hey, I am here for you. Whether you have questions about signing up for classes or need to relearn how to do anything or just need someone to talk about the process, I am here for you.’ She has been really sweet just keeping in contact with me.

HannahStudent at Texas A&M University - Central Texas

Janelle kept reaching out to me and advocated for me. I ended up getting a scholarship and her help made that possible! Now I’m back in school and getting my B.S. in computer information systems with a minor in security, which I didn’t even know existed before I talked to Janelle! I have about 2 years left to go. As long as I keep my GPA up to an A or B, my employer will reimburse me. Janelle’s keeping me on track and helping me manage my time better and budget for the future. I’m really thankful for all her help!

DanaeeStudent at Bellevue College

My Coach connects with me on a weekly or biweekly schedule which makes me accountable to my goals and commitments in order to discuss with her in our next meeting. It’s as if I can’t let her down from what I needed to do. I appreciate it because I truly do not have anyone else that wants me to succeed except my three children.

ShawannaCUNY Student

I had been just kind of lost. I was so close to finishing but it still felt so far away. It felt like someone put a giant mountain between me and the potential bachelors. I didn’t know what to do, was just stuck, or where to even begin looking for help.

Now it feels like I have a lot of options. I don’t feel quite as stressed out or anxious or worried as to what I could do, or not be able to do. It’s nice to have that kind of lifeline available, like here, here is this resource you can use. So it provides a breath of air for me. For sure. 

JenniferStudent at Hunter College