Owens Community College Partners with ReUp Education to Offer Additional Support for Students Returning to College

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PERRYSBURG TOWNSHIP, Ohio, March 31, 2021 Owens Community College announced a new initiative to provide a pathway to graduation for students with some education experience but no degree. Developed through a partnership with U.S. startup ReUp Education, the effort will use sophisticated analytics technology, as well as personalized coaching and mentorship to help Owens identify, contact, and support the reentry of stopout students.

“We are very eager to begin implementing this new initiative with ReUp Education,” stated Amy Giordano, vice president, Enrollment Management and Student Services. “Students returning to school have different needs and goals compared to first-time students. This partnership will allow us to offer additional personalized support to this largely underserved population and give them a pathway to complete their degree. Student success is our mission and we want to ensure that students have the tools they need, no matter where they are on their educational journey.”

Completing a college degree has profound impacts on social and economic mobility. Earning a degree translates to an average of $1 million additional earnings over a lifetime. In the U.S., college graduates are half as likely to be unemployed as those with a high school degree. During the economic upheaval caused by the COVID-19 crisis, helping students complete their studies will be even more critical to fulfilling the promise of tertiary education as an engine of economic opportunity.

Owen’s new partnership with ReUp is designed to help remove these barriers and support students throughout the re-enrollment process. Owens is also a member of the ReUp Network — the national on-ramp for college completion. Comprising innovative partner colleges and universities offering unique programs, the Network creates a more dynamic and equitable ecosystem to meet every student’s needs by becoming the easiest way for stop-outs to return or transfer to Owens — to earn their degree and improve their lives.

“ReUp Education helps students across the country achieve their educational goals. As a resident of Toledo, Ohio, I am excited to bring our support services to students locally by partnering with Owens Community College. It is a privilege to partner with Owens, an institution committed to fostering student and community success by offering quality, accessible education opportunities and focusing on positive student outcomes.” said ReUp Education CEO, Sarah Horn.

ReUp Education helps colleges and universities engage and re-enroll stopout students through a unique blend of predictive analytics technology, data, and personalized coaching. Once students have returned to school, ReUp provides ongoing support to foster personal accountability, encouragement, and guidance to equip students with the tools to persist and succeed.

About ReUp Education

ReUp Education is the expert in understanding, engaging, and re-enrolling stopout students. Through its unique blend of data, technology, and specialized coaching, ReUp has engaged more than 400,000 stopout students across a wide range of universities and helped re-enroll over 14,000 students. ReUp is based in San Francisco and is funded by leading education and social impact investors, including Entangled Ventures, University Ventures, Serious Change Investments, and The Impact Engine.