The Benefits of Bootcamps for Adult Learners

focused student working on laptop
If you’re applying to jobs at companies that don’t require a college degree, one benefit of bootcamps is elevating your hiring prospects.

According to the Burning Glass Institute, a nonprofit research center, the number of employers requiring college degrees in job postings has been declining since 2017. A college degree still holds immense value for both employers and jobseekers alike. But many organizations are hiring job applicants based on relevant experience rather than an academic diploma.

One way to demonstrate one’s vocational skills is by enrolling in a bootcamp. Let’s take a look at the benefits of pursuing a boot-camp certificate.


Gain real-world experience

Bootcamps recruit instructors who are familiar with the latest trends in tech and design. Students gain practical, hands-on experience that translates into skills valued by employers.


Change careers

Many working adults who enroll in bootcamps are looking to switch careers. That’s especially the case for those moving from a nontechnical field to a technical one. For instance, former humanities professors have transitioned into coding. Historians have trained in cybersecurity. People who majored in psychology have enrolled in bootcamps to learn user experience (UX) design. Artists and graphic designers have trained in user interface (UI) design.


Impress hiring managers with a portfolio

When students major in a field of study in college, they often develop a capstone project or thesis as a culmination of their learning. Many bootcamps similarly require participants to put together a portfolio showcasing their best work. Boot-camp graduates can then share this collection with prospective employers as evidence of newly acquired skills and experience.


Expand professional networks

As with attending college, participating in a bootcamp widens one’s professional connections. Boot-camp instructors, fellow classmates, and alumni can all provide insights into the industry. They can also share job opportunities and help move an applicant’s résumé up the hiring chain.


Open the door to promotions and salary bumps

Enrolling in a bootcamp not only enhances one’s skill set and résumé; it demonstrates a person’s commitment to professional growth. For people who are already employed, upskilling can result in promotions and/or raises at work. According to technology education expert Course Report, for example, graduates of coding bootcamps can see an average salary boost of 50.5%. These salary boosts can even cover the cost of the training.



When considering whether a bootcamp is the right fit for you, self-reflection, research, and talking with people in the field are important first steps. You’ll want to get a clear sense of what you can realistically expect from the bootcamp. Then, you’ll be better able to judge whether it’s the appropriate investment for you.