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How a National Higher Ed Network Leads to Student Success

This month, we are celebrating the one-year anniversary of the ReUp Network! Our network, catered to stopout students, is building an ecosystem of programs and institutions to support the 36 million Americans with some college and no degree. The ReUp Network provides each student access to the best-fit academic path for their return to school and, ultimately, academic, professional, and life success. ReUp has ensured that this network is a core part of our partnerships because we know the importance of the opportunity for stopout students to return to the best-fit institution according to their needs. This, in turn, ensures

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The Students Stopping Out Due to COVID-19 & How to Support Them for Increased Enrollment

Main points 25% of students have delayed their higher education enrollment since the pandemic began COVID has intensified the struggles of: students of color (especially women), those with low incomes, and those with mental health challenges In turn, they face increased barriers to enrolling and completing their degrees Higher education institutions must better understand and support their most vulnerable students to promote equity and fight decreases in enrollment this fall ReUp Education offers the revolutionary solutions and expertise needed for higher education institutions to address these issues holistically and sustainably   As dropping infections bring the promise of in-person learning

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There’s a Better Way: Why Loan Forgiveness Is Not the Be-All, End-All Solution to Reduce Student Debt

Some credit, no degree. That’s a big factor in our nation’s student debt crisis. If you leave school before graduation, you must pay off your loan for a credential you don’t have. This scenario is also tied to earning potential, which creates a classic Catch-22 for students: “I need a better job to pay off my student loan… but I need to go back to school to earn a degree… so that I can get a better job.” The reasons students want to return to school are also often the reasons they aren’t able to return to school. We hear

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