Bellevue’s Checklist

How we help students

Bellevue’s 6-step
Back-to-School Checklist

If you’re reading this checklist, congratulations!
You’ve taken the first steps to completing your college degree.

Step 1:
Contact your ReUp Education Success Coach to review re-enrollment process
  • Text, email, or call your Success Coach and tell him/her that you want to go back to school. Let them know when you want to start up again. Bellevue University has Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer terms.
Step 2:
Complete Academic Readiness Assessment
  • Smartermeasure Link:
  • Login & Password: ready
Step 3:
Login to your BRUIN account and review “to do” list:
  • Instructions on how to login to your BRUIN account can be found at:
  • Student ID# is your username (if you do not have your student ID#, please contact your Success Coach at (402) 935-8106, and she/he will provide the information)
  • Review and complete any “to do” items on your task list
  • Monitor your BRUIN account on a daily basis to ensure you are not missing any important steps in the re-admissions process
Step 4:
What form of payment will you use?
*Payment plan must be established 2 weeks prior to the start of the term; otherwise, students will be dropped from class.

Financial Aid – Complete FAFSA:

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This application must be completed in order to be eligible for financial aid, and it can be found at The Bellevue University School Code is: 002538.
  • Employer Reimbursement Types:
    • Military Benefits:
    • Contact Veteran Affairs: E-Mail: [email protected] , Phone: 402-557-7329, or 800-756-7920, VA Regional Office for Nebraska: 888-442-4551
    • If so, which form? GI Bill, Post 9/11, Veteran Affairs
    • Tuition and fees are paid directly to Bellevue by military
  • Letter of Credit (LOC): Tuition fees are paid directly to Bellevue by the student’s employer. You may fax your Letter of Credit (LOC) to 402-557-5410, or email as an attachment to: [email protected]
  • Corporate Billing Authorization: Tuition fees are paid directly to Bellevue by the student’s employer. You can find more information at:
  • Deferral Authorization: Employer pays tuition and fees directly to student. The student is then responsible for remitting payment to Bellevue University. You can complete the deferral authorization form at:

Scholarship Opportunities:
Bellevue offers scholarships for undergraduate students who have outstanding academic achievement and may need financial assistance and merit-based scholarships. For more information on Bellevue’s scholarships and how to apply, visit:

Out of Pocket Payment Plan Process:

  • Traditional student: Tuition and fees are divided into three equal payments with first payment due 14 days prior to class/ session start, and then every 30 days thereafter.
  • Students enrolled in Cohort Programs: the number of payments is based on the number of classes in your program.
Step 5:
Review Degree Audit
  • Once you are active in Campus Solutions, your updated degree audit will be generated and sent to you via email from your Success Coach
  • You and your Success Coach will have a conversation about your degree plan and determine a timeline for you to complete your degree
Step 6:
Class Registration
  • Once you have cleared all of your service indicators within your BRUIN account, you will be eligible for class registration
  • Contact your Success Coach to discuss the class schedule options
  • You can review the class schedule online at Bellevue University’s website:
  • After registration is complete, be certain to login to your Cyberactive Blackboard account to see which textbooks you will need for class.


How long does the re-enrollment process take for returning students?

The re-enrollment process can range between 4-12 weeks

What is the class load requirement for financial aid packaging?

Undergraduate Students
Full Time
3/4 Time
1/2 Time
10/11/12-Week Term
8 credit hours
6 credit hours
4 credit hours
18-Week Term
12 credit hours
9 credit hours
6 credit hours
6-Month Term
12 credit hours
9 credit hours
6 credit hours

You will need to provide official college/high school transcripts if:

  • you have attended another university since you took a break from Bellevue
  • you have been away from Bellevue for 2 years or longer
  • Note: You may need to provide high school transcripts if Bellevue does not have them on file.

Official transcripts can be submitted via:

Email: [email protected]
Mail: Attention Student Records, Bellevue University, 1000 Galvin Road
South, Bellevue, Nebraska 68005-3098

Attendance Policy:

  • Participation Verification: During the first 10 days of the start of the term, students must login and participate in class to ensure they are Attendance-Verified.
  • Absence from Class: In the event you must take time off from class, please inform your instructor of your absence and be sure to ask for assignments that you will need to complete.

Who do I contact if I want to drop/withdraw from class?

  • If you plan to withdraw from class(es), please contact your Success Coach prior to taking action. (Please note: Withdrawing from class(es) can result in financial implications, so be sure to contact your Student Financial Counselor, as well.)

Key Contact Information:

What is a Success Coach? And what is ReUp Education?

Bellevue University believes in the value of individualized support. For that reason, we have partnered with ReUp Education to provide an additional layer of service for all readmitting students. In addition to your faculty, SFS Counselor, and Financial Aid Counselor, you have a Success Coach who will begin working with you during the readmission process and will continue to offer you support all the way to your finish line: graduation! Your Coach’s role is to ensure your questions are being answered, that you are aware of administrative processes and policies, and that, ultimately, you begin courses and graduate on your desired timeline. You can also rely on your coach for help with financial planning, connecting with a community of Bellevue students, and developing a success plan for degree completion. You are not required to meet or call on a recurring basis with your Coach, but you will need to connect at least once during the readmission process and each session.