What’s The Cost?

What’s the Cost?
ReUp charges no upfront cost.

ReUp is compensated for successful outcomes. There are no implementation, technology, or hidden fees. We can get started re-enrolling students in 6 weeks.

 How are we compensated?

ReUp’s compensation is a percentage of the recaptured revenue for each term that a returning student successfully re-enrolls and sits through census. 

How is the success fee calculated?

Our partners only pay for success as stopped out students re-enroll and persist. The success fee is fixed for the duration of the partnership, applies to students who enroll through the ReUp Network, and is assessed on net tuition and mandatory fees. Examples of fees that are excluded from pricing include: books, housing, parking and auxiliary services. To learn more about the ReUp Network click here.

Do I need new workplace technology?

No new technology is needed to work with us. The two primary things we need from you to begin a partnership are data and a modest amount of time with the various staff members involved with re-enrollment at your institution. We work with your data team to curate your list of stopped out students and discuss ongoing data needs.

Additional Questions?

Please click here to visit our frequently asked questions page.