What is ReUp Network?

Finish your degree with ReUp!

Are you one of the 36 million Americans with some college but no degree? Join over 10,000 students who have returned to school with ReUp and let us help you finish what you started.

Our comprehensive network consists of accredited degree programs from all over the country including:

  • Over 200 fully online programs
  • Associates, Bachelors and Masters degrees.

All students in the network will get access to a dedicated Success Coach who can offer guidance and support through the re-enrollment process.

This is a FREE service for anyone interested in returning to school. 

If we haven’t yet connected, please click the button below and we’ll reach out to you with more information:


Who is ReUp?

At ReUp, we partner with universities and community colleges to find, engage, and empower students who have left school to return, navigate a path to complete their degree, and achieve their goals.
Over the past two years we’ve helped “re-up” thousands of students for our partners using a proprietary combination of data, technology, and coaching.

What is Success Coaching?

Our Success Coaches guide you through the re-enrollment process and work with you to determine what you need to be successful in your chosen degree path. The service includes:
– Coaching sessions via phone, email and text
– Assessing why you left school and your motivation to return
– Creating clear goals around school, life, and work
– Identifying any obstacles to success
– Personalized resources and reminders

How much will this service cost me as a student?

There is no cost to the student, our Network partners offer the services as an added resource and support.

What is the commitment from me as the student? How can I prepare for a coaching session?

Commitment is 15 minutes of your time to meet with a coach through phone, email or text.
Come prepared to discuss your educational goals with the Success Coach. Together you will discover what your opportunities are as you pursue your degree.

I'm a relative or friend of a stopout student, how do I sign them up?

Due to privacy issues, we must work directly with the student. Feel free to pass a link to this page on to your relative or friend and ask them to fill out the form to meet with us to see how we can help.