COVID-19’s Impact on Enrollment in Higher Ed

  • 1 Hour | Thursday, May 14, at 2:00pm ET/11:00am PT

COVID-19’s Impact on Enrollment in Higher Ed

The past months have been challenging. Over a very short period, the world changed completely and plans that were made months or even years ago might not be an option anymore. In this webinar, Mark Salisbury from TuitionFit and Maurice Benson from ReUp Education will discuss COVID-19’s impact on enrollment in higher education and suggest ways to increase enrollment.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why college-bound and current college students are re-evaluating their college choice 
  • How to help families find their best financial fit when considering college education
  • How to meet your enrollment goals and increase revenue by shifting focus

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Mark Salisbury

CEO & Co-Founder

Maurice Benson

Partnership Exec
ReUp Education

About TuitionFit:

TuitionFit brings clarity and transparency to the higher education marketplace by empowering the public to share financial aid award offers and create a central and secure online clearinghouse of actual college prices. In addition, TuitionFit welcomes higher education institutions to leverage the transparency created by the public and improve access and affordability while simultaneously improving enrollment, student success, and degree attainment

About ReUp Education: 

ReUp Education partners with colleges and universities across the US to bring stopped out students back to school. Through a combination of data, technology and coaching, we improve enrollment and graduation rates for our partners while recovering lost tuition and increasing the earning ability of students who complete.