Stephanie Vore, MBA

Data and Operations Specialist, Learner Services

Growing up in small town Missouri, getting out was all she wanted to do. After graduating high school, she went out and did not look back. She fought all odds, to become the first to finish and she did it, she graduated from the University of Missouri. The education bug had bit her so she went on to attend Le Cordon Bleu Las Vegas.

Bouncing around after graduation, she ended up back in St Louis and found herself working in hotels, restaurants, and retail but nothing ever seemed to be the right fit. The world of customer service It wasn’t until she uprooted herself for the third time and moved to Portland, Oregon where things finally started to click.

That move is where Stephanie lucked into her first coaching position and fell in love with it. She found her place in the world. Coaching has given her a way to help students help themselves. Helping people has turned into a passion and coaching a way of life.
For Stephanie learning never ends, so when she is not working with ReUp, she is working on her Master’s in Business Administration through Brandman University. When she does take a break, she can be found spending time with her pup Finex and her boyfriend, or in the kitchen trying out a new allergy free concoction.