ro portrait

Roosevelt Hodges

Success Coach

I’m Roosevelt Hodges, but you can call me Ro for short. I’m excited to help learners navigate their way through the program and provide you the best service to make your journey a successful experience. I love to see my students live a lush life full of achievement and being successful at what they set forward to complete.

I spent the last 25 years working in education starting with Head Start to supporting adult learners from technical colleges to four-year University. My passion for becoming a student coach was to use my experience obtained over the years to help students overcome any barriers and hurdles they are facing in order to achieve their goals in higher education. I’m a first generation college student and was the first and only in my family to graduate. You can achieve any age and stage in your life, failure is not final.

Besides laughing and telling stories, I love anything outdoors. From state parks visits, walking my daily three miles, to fishing, if the weather is not too hot you’ll find me outdoors. I also love mysteries and riddles with Cube (1997) being one of my favorite all time movies.