Nikita Krishnan

Nikita Krishnan

Marketing Traffic Coordinator

Nikita earned her Bachelors degree in Business – Marketing and Certification in Entrepreneurial Studies from the University of Illinois – Chicago while working. She earned her Masters degree in Education – Curriculum Development online in an accelerated program while working full-time.She believes a degree is not priceless just because of the practical knowledge you learn. It’s priceless because of the personal development you experience outside of the classroom too. Being able to tie the classroom into my professional life has been valuable beyond measure!

Her educational journey was not easy. She moved to the United States in second grade. She was immersed in a language she did not know, away from familiar extended family, living in a brand-new culture, and bullied at school because of this. It was hard, but she found long-term success with the help of family, and her teachers. Their inspiration is why she wholeheartedly appreciates supporting students. She loves helping students reach their long-term goals, and celebrating those accomplishments.

She planned on making her way after graduation in the Marketing world, but happened upon a Student Success Advisor role at another university. What she thought would be a temporary job during an employment transition, turned into a long-term career passion! Since 2004, she has been a Success Coach, Academic Advisor, and a Team Lead of Advisors. She was trusted to mentor new advisors, and conduct training for new students. The most exciting part of her career is helping students reach their long-term academic and professional goals.

She lives in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago with her husband, daughter, dog, and bearded dragon. Friends describe her cooking as both delicious and magical, and she’s teaching herself baking now. When she has a rare quiet moment, she spends it with friends and family, managing her husband’s small business, and – when time permits – painting, and reading.