Joe Sutton

Sr Director of Engineering

Joe is passionate about using technology to make a positive impact on society. He brings over twenty years of technology experience to ReUp. Prior to joining ReUp, he created an analytics and assessment marketplace platform at GlassLab (which became LRNG). At EA, he played a key role in the incident response team to triage security and large-scale issues on live running services. Partnered with Comcast, he helped create an orchestration system for a large-scale streaming game platform. At Cisco, he built and led teams of developers to create dozens of applications, from small prototypes, to large-scale production services.

Joe earned his Bachelors in Computer Science with Honors from Cal State Bakersfield. While there, he founded the Computer Science Club, published several AI/ML research papers, and taught and created new courses as a full time faculty member. Following that, Joe earned his Masters in Computer Science with Honors from USC.