Jess Jennings

Success Coach

Jess is a graduate of Trinity University, where she earned a bachelor's degree in History with a minor in Classical Studies. During her time at Trinity, Jess developed a strong passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, and served on several boards and committees to promote more equitable university practices. Since graduating, Jess has pursued a career in community-focused, restorative work, with a particular interest in higher education access. When working with students, Jess believes in offering support that is identity-conscious and tailored to the student's individual experiences, needs, and goals. Jess's greatest strength is her ability to make a friend, and she consistently seeks work that emphasizes relationship building.

Jess has lived in three of Texas's major cities, but hopes to someday move to a location that averages less than 80°F year-round. In her free time, Jess can be found performing with a local community theater, rereading a Shirley Jackson novel, or spending time with a golden doodle named Whoopi Goldberg.