Deborah Sharp

Deborah Sharp

Engagement Coordinator Team Lead

Deborah is a first generation college student. She graduated from Lycoming College with a degree in Economics and a minor in Social and Economic Justice. She always says that her minor is where her heart truly is.

Deborah started her career working as a child care professional with unaccompanied minors who has crossed the border. In this role she discovered her love for working with young people and supporting populations who had been through difficulties in life. After a year working in this space Deborah decided that she wanted to move to New York, a dream of hers since graduating.

In 2019, Deborah moved to New York and became a banking and finance recruiter where she consistently met and exceeded sales goals. She quickly moved up in ranks to become an Account Recruiting Manager. Though she was very successful in the role, Deborah felt like her desire to truly help others was not fulfilled. After some time in this role she finally decided to go back to non-profit work.

Deborah became a College Success Advisor for KIPP NYC. This was a special move because Deborah herself had attended the KIPP charter school in Baltimore City when she was growing up. Here she got her start in coaching and advising within the higher education space. Deborah worked hard in this role all throughout the pandemic. She decided to take her passion and her sales/recruiting experience and combine to make an impact at ReUp Education. She is excited about starting her role as an Engagement Coach and looking to see where things go.