The national on-ramp for college completion

We know that most stopouts are best served by returning to the school they left, but for many students that’s no longer an option. To support the millions of stopped out students for whom transfer is the best path to complete, our network of innovative colleges and universities provides students with access to over 1,300 academic programs tailored for the adult learner and aligned with the future of work. 

Through this additional service to find the right fit, we create a more dynamic and equitable ecosystem to meet the needs of all students, while becoming the easiest way for stopouts to return or transfer.

Increase enrollment and revenue

Attract qualified transfer students from across the country.

Help stopout students thrive

Create meaningful outcomes for a largely underserved population.

No cost to join

There’s no cost to partner with ReUp and our network of schools is included.

  • Far too many students start college and never complete. But earning a degree can have a dramatic impact on their employability, earnings, and resilience during an economic downturn. That challenge — and opportunity — presents an urgent need for collaboration among institutions in a time of crisis.

    Dr. Mary Hawkins
    President of Bellevue University
  • The completion crisis facing higher education requires an innovative response that breaks down barriers to help students re-enroll in college. Stopout students have historically been left behind, and we want to change that. This is about fulfilling our mission to serve West Tennessee by educating and engaging its citizens.

    Dr. Philip Cavalier
    Provost at University of Tennessee - Martin

The ReUp evolution continues

Stopouts who find themselves years out of school and with different needs and goals than when they first enrolled have the difficult task of navigating a complex landscape of completion options. Often, students with some college credit and no degree have new career ambitions since stopping out and, in some cases, can’t return to their original institution because the program or modality they are now looking for is not available. In other cases, relocation makes returning to their original institution inconvenient or impossible. 

Our network was created to fill this gap between motivated stopouts and the higher education institutions who seek to support these learners.

How it works

Boost enrollment and student success by attracting motivated and qualified transfer students through network partners.


Become an official partner at no upfront cost.


ReUp identifies and matches students to the right program.


Increase student enrollment and revenue.


Students receive 1:1 coaching through to graduation.

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