Springfield College Partners with ReUp Education to Re-Enroll Adult Learners

Springfield College Partners with ReUp Education to Re-Enroll Adult Learners

Austin, Texas – ReUp Education announces its official partnership with Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts to re-enroll adult learners and support them in completing their goal of earning a college degree.

ReUp and Springfield College are collaborating to engage adult learners who have previously put a pause on their education. Through this partnership, ReUp will provide Springfield College students with personalized and tailored support to achieve their academic, professional, and personal goals. The effort leverages ReUp’s strategic insights into the adult learner population, millions of data points on adult learners, and personalized coaching to help Springfield College re-enroll and retain students who have previously left without a degree. 

“We believe and live our college mission to educate students in spirit, mind, and body for leadership in service to others,” said Stuart Jones, Vice President for Enrollment Management. This important partnership with ReUp allows us to help students who have not had the chance yet to complete that important education and get back to the classroom. This is important, mission-critical work.”

Completing a college degree has profound impacts on social and economic mobility. Those with a degree are half as likely to be unemployed as those with a high school diploma. They also demonstrate significantly higher levels of happiness, health, and community involvement. As a result of the challenges and uncertainties of COVID-19, supporting students so that they can graduate from college is even more critical to their financial stability and social equity more broadly. Springfield College’s new partnership with ReUp will promote these individual and societal benefits of educational attainment by engaging and supporting the students who are most vulnerable to getting left behind.

About Springfield College

Springfield College is an independent, nonprofit, coeducational institution founded in 1885. Approximately 4,100 students, including 2,500 full-time undergraduate students, study at its main campus in Springfield, Mass., and at its regional campuses across the country. Springfield College inspires students through the guiding principles of its Humanics philosophy – educating in spirit, mind, and body for leadership in service to others.

About ReUp Education

ReUp Education supports students who have stopped out of higher education and who often face multiple barriers that prevent them from completing their degrees, including financial, social, and academic challenges. ReUp’s dedicated Success Coaches, who are often first-generation and former stopout students themselves, provide personalized mentoring and guidance to clear the path for students to return to school, complete their remaining credits, and graduate.

ReUp is the expert in understanding, engaging, and re-enrolling adult learners to help them reach their education goals. Through its unique blend of data, technology, and specialized coaching, ReUp has engaged more than 150,000 stopout students across a wide range of community colleges and four-year universities, helping to re-enroll more than 19,000 students—and recapture more than $55 million in tuition revenue for partner schools—since 2015.

Learn more about ReUp’s unique approach to re-enrollment at www.reupeduation.com.