Need help increasing enrollment in uncertain times?

Bring back your students and help them graduate

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted many students to reconsider their options for the fall, leading to declining enrollment among many higher education institutions around the country and a flood of summer melts. 

Leveraging our patent pending technology, ReUp Education has helped re-enroll over 12,000 students and recaptured more than $38M in tuition revenue for our partner schools. Discover how you can re-enroll stopout students through ReUp with no upfront costs.

Turning the art of coaching into a science

Why ReUp?

  • Low risk: Zero money upfront, incentives aligned to success 
  • Recovered tuition and fees: Additional revenue generated from new enrollments
  • New enrollment stream: As a member of the ReUp Network, experience a new enrollment stream  of qualified and motivated stopped out transfer students