The Benefits of Success Coaching

From gaining confidence and improving performance to honing skills and fulfilling goals, the benefits of coaching for adult learners are many.

The concept of coaching traces its roots back to trainers of Olympic athletes and philosophers engaging in Socratic dialogue in ancient Greece. The word coach, however, didn’t come about until the 16th century, when it originally referred to a four-wheeled carriage. According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, in the 19th century, the word came to refer to people who, like the horse-drawn vehicle, helped metaphorically transport individuals from one place to another, such as between stages of success. For example, at Oxford University in the 1830s, coach was slang for a tutor who assisted undergraduates through their exams. Today, the profession of coaching extends across industries, from sports and wellness to leadership and personal development.

Coaching has such a storied past because of its positive impacts. Students, business executives, and athletes have all testified to those benefits. For example, feeling empowered to reach one’s goals is one of the most significant benefits of coaching. But the experience yields many other advantages during an individual’s journey. Let’s take a look at the value of partnering with a coach.


Define (or refine) your goals 

Coaching supports you at every stage of your journey to success. You might be close to achieving your goals and just need that extra push across the finish line. Or you might want guidance defining reasonable goals and getting a clear sense of direction toward those ambitions. Wherever you are on your path, coaching helps you navigate next steps, find your motivation, and feel prepared to make progress. As your collaborator, your coach provides a new nonjudgmental perspective on your obstacles and how to overcome them. They also guide you in identifying your strengths and how to best apply them.


Build your confidence

According to an International Coaching Federation study, 80% of the people surveyed who had received coaching reported greater self-confidence. And belief in your ability to accomplish your goals doesn’t just feel good. It motivates you to take the risks that are necessary for improving your situation. And it inspires you to continue moving forward at every stage of your journey.


Get the results you want to see

The ICF study also revealed that 70% of those surveyed reported improved performance as a benefit of coaching. When you feel more self-confident, you’re more likely to express yourself more assertively and persuasively at school and at work. Confidence also helps you adopt a growth mindset, which means you’re able to overcome setbacks and remain resilient through challenges. That trifecta of confidence, strong communication skills, and resilience results in better performance on specific tasks and long-term goals.

Enhancing your communication and growth mindset isn’t the only way that ReUp coaching improves your performance. As Success Coach Manager N’Digo’s Kali has shared, “coaches have a keen ability to identify the skills and talents of the people we assist and take the time to create the best exercises, training, and game plans to bring out each client’s potential.” In addition to applying your strengths, you’ll develop personalized strategies for getting organized, managing stress, and applying effective learning techniques. These strategies often result in improving academic standing, such as increasing semester and cumulative GPAs. Coaching also helps you get to the big finish line: earning your college degree.


Strengthen your accountability

Another reason ReUp’s adult learners have been able to fulfill their goals is through the accountability that coaching provides. Knowing that a coaching conversation is coming up soon can be a wonderful motivator. It encourages you to reflect on your recent achievements, obstacles, and questions or concerns that have bubbled up. An upcoming session can also inspire you to get previously planned action items done by the next time you meet with your coach. And attending to those specific smaller steps is how you pave the path to longer-term success.


Improve school–work–life balance and satisfaction

Approximately two-thirds of the ICF survey respondents shared that coaching improved their work–life balance—and how satisfied they felt in both areas. Nearly the same number commented that coaching improved their sense of wellness. 

That’s in large part because coaching speaks to the whole person. ReUp Success Coaches, for example, are invested not just in your education goals but also your career development and personal well-being. They help you identify your challenges, such as habits that have impeded your past success, and ways to overcome them. They ask questions, listen, and offer techniques to unlock your potential in all areas of your life.


Gain a partner in your success

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of coaching is that you develop a relationship with someone who is deeply invested in your well-being and success. Coaches are committed to discovering and helping you achieve what best serves you, your interests, and your goals. That one-on-one partnership means you’re never making the journey alone. Although you remain the driver of your own success, a coach serves as your trusted GPS. ReUp Success Coaches, for example, help you navigate the hidden rules of college. They provide support as you make decisions and overcome obstacles, from financial barriers to self-doubt. With them at your side, you’ll know where to go and what to do. And they are always there to provide encouragement and celebrate your successes—from goal setting and re-enrollment through graduation and beyond.


Ready for your (coaching) close-up?

As your personal advocate and champion, your ReUp Success Coach is here to offer the encouragement and accountability you need to achieve your personal goals and complete the next stage of your education. Your support team is available by phone, text, or email. Ready to pursue your goals and fulfill your potential?