Slide We help stopout students connect to complete Using a blend of data, technology, and 1:1 coaching, ReUp connects students to the information, guidance, and resources necessary to complete. Get in Touch

Expertise in Stopouts

Our work with over 531,500 learners provides us with expertise in the complex obstacles preventing re-enrollment and completion.

Easy to Engage

Our end-to-end solution can be deployed quickly, so you see results in the next term.

Aligned Goals

Our incentives are fully aligned with our universities, so we only benefit when students succeed.

What We Do

At ReUp, we partner with universities and community colleges to find, engage, and empower students who have left school to return, navigate a path to complete their degree, and achieve their goals.

Utilizing millions of data points to power our Ai-enabled, proprietary technology solution, ReUp fills the void between returning students and institutions by forming connections for thousands of students that lead to completion.


We use data to inform every decision we make. Through our growing datasets we continue to refine what type and level of support students need, how best to reach them, and when to reach out. We leverage predictive analytics, natural language processing, and machine learning throughout our product and service to further enhance student outcomes.


ReUp is a tech-enabled service with efficiency built into every aspect of the student lifecycle.

Our platform combines multi-channel engagement and automation with personalized insights about each student to create a powerful solution that delivers quality at scale.

From data science, to our engagement engine, to our coaching platform — technology is a key driver of our performance.


Relationships and coaching are at the heart of what we do.

Powered by ReUp’s data and technology, ReUp coaches provide students with a 1:1, personalized connection to support re-entry all the way through graduation.


We know that most students are best served by returning to the school they left, but for many that’s no longer an option. ReUp directly engages with stopout students to support them in transferring to a best-fit institution.

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