Our patented technology powers student success at scale.

We have developed a technology-enabled service that helps stopouts return to school and graduate by unifying the art of coaching with data science.

Learn more about the core capabilities of our platform below.

Finding them now

Through our national dataset we’re able to find stopouts where they are today. This increases engagement rates while creating a more holistic and up-to-date picture of each student.

Predicting success

Powerful predictive models forecast key student behaviors and outcomes. This allows each phase of the student lifecycle to be optimized from first outreach to graduation.

Empowering to action

Through a 50/50 blend of automated outreach and coach-driven support, students receive meaningful interventions that are catered to their needs across all channels of communication.

Personalizing support

To deliver personalization at scale, our patented technology classifies students into data-driven Personas and generates individualized Support Plans for coach utilization.


Prioritizing for impact

The Intelligent Queue™ enables our team of coaches to know exactly who is in need of proactive support each day — and why, yielding 2x effectiveness and 4x efficiency gains.

Ensuring quality

We leverage machine learning to analyze every coaching interaction with students. This provides unprecedented insight into the quality of our service while driving continuous improvement.

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