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What’s the best way to learn when you’re a working adult returning to school? Our Success Coaches share proven study tips so you can effectively prep for class and exams. by Meilee D. Bridges Have you ever found yourself reading a textbook and highlighting, well, almost everything? Or have you taken notes during class but...
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Knowing the most effective learning hacks can help you thrive as an adult learner. Get better results with these science-backed techniques. by Meilee D. Bridges   Whether we’re traditional students or adult learners, we’re often taught what to learn, but we’re not often taught how. Fortunately, cognitive psychologists and expert educators have identified six learning...
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Looking to replace ineffective study habits with techniques that actually work? These proven strategies can help you improve your comprehension and recall. by Meilee D. Bridges Set up a designated study space Find or create an environment where you can concentrate. Keep distractions like phones, tablets, laundry, and bills out of sight while studying.  Experiment...
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