Student Story

Danaee lives and works near her family in Orlando, Florida. Currently getting her B.S. in computer information systems with a minor in security with the help of her success coach, Janelle.

Q. Tell us about your educational journey. When did you start college?

Right after high school, I went into the Navy. It wasn’t until about 6 years later, after my stint in the Navy, I got an associate degree in computer electronics from ITT Tech, and then I started working in electronics for a year or two.

Q. When did you realize you wanted more than an associate degree?

I wasn’t really happy with my job. I always knew I wanted something more, like a security analyst job or a job as a database administrator because they make a lot more money.

Q. What is your biggest motivator for getting your bachelor of science degree?

I’m a contractor and any moment they could tell me they don’t need me anymore. Without a higher degree, it’s hard to get a secure job.

Q . When was your biggest obstacle to getting your B.S.?

I was working 60 hours a week and helping my mom because she was sick, and also going to school. I wasn’t really able to focus on school because I was managing her household and my household. I ended up dropping out a few times and going back to a factory job as a “helper.”

Q . What turned everything around for you?

I was thinking about going to school but I couldn’t afford it. My GPA wasn’t great and so I wasn’t eligible for financial aid. My employer does tuition reimbursement. Then this woman named Janelle called me from Bellevue and asked if I was ready to get back to school and earn my degree. I was actually really excited to hear from her!

Q. How has your Success Coach helped you?

Janelle kept reaching out to me and advocated for me. I ended up getting a scholarship and her help made that possible! Now I’m back in school and getting my B.S. in computer information systems with a minor in security, which I didn’t even know existed before I talked to Janelle! I have about 2 years left to go. As long as I keep my GPA up to an A or B, my employer will reimburse me. Janelle’s keeping me on track and helping me manage my time better and budget for the future. I’m really thankful for all her help!