New Partnership Will Assist Lehigh Carbon Community College to Bring Back Students Who Have Stopped Out of Higher Education

New Partnership Will Assist Lehigh Carbon Community College  to Bring Back Students Who Have Stopped Out of Higher Education

ReUp Education’s combination of predictive analytics and personalized support will help LCCC students return to school and complete their degree  

Schnecksville, PA — December 18, 2020 — Lehigh Carbon Community College (LCCC) today announced a  new initiative to provide a pathway to graduation for students with some education experience, but no  degree. Developed through a partnership with U.S. startup ReUp Education, the effort will use  sophisticated analytics technology, as well as personalized coaching and mentorship, to help LCCC  identify, contact and support the reentry of students who paused their college education before earning  their degree, often called “stopouts.”  

”Lehigh Carbon Community College’s partnership with ReUp will help us reach out to students who still  have an opportunity to complete their educational goals,” said Cindy Haney, LCCC Vice President for  Enrollment Management. “We are confident in ReUp’s expertise in reaching out to these students on  our behalf. Now more than ever the college must look at strategic initiatives to help get students  enrolled in post-secondary programs.”  

Completing a college degree has profound impacts for social and economic mobility. Earning a degree  translates to an average of $1 million additional earnings over a lifetime, and in the U.S., college  graduates are half as likely to be unemployed as those with a high school degree. During the economic  upheaval caused by the COVID-19 crisis, helping students complete their studies will be even more  critical to fulfill the potential that higher education can have on graduates’ economic opportunity.  

LCCC’s new partnership with ReUp is designed to help remove these barriers and support students  throughout the re-enrollment process. LCCC is also a participant in the ReUp Network, a newly formed  consortium of colleges and universities that enables students to complete their degree from more than  a dozen partner institutions, regardless of where they began their college studies.    

ReUp Education helps colleges and universities engage and re-enroll stopout students through a unique  blend of predictive analytics that merges technology, data and personalized coaching. Once students  have returned to school, ReUp provides ongoing support to foster personal accountability, encourage  and guide students and provide them with the tools to persist and succeed.  


About Lehigh Carbon Community College  

Founded in 1966, Lehigh Carbon Community College served nearly 9,800 credit and 3,400 noncredit  students in 2019-20 from Lehigh, Carbon, Schuylkill and surrounding counties and offered more than 90  programs of study in business, education, communication, computer science, technology, humanities,  health care, science, engineering and math. From the main campus in Schnecksville and modern sites in  Allentown, Tamaqua and Lehigh Valley International Airport, Lehigh Carbon offers two-year associate

degrees, certificate and specialized diploma programs, and workforce training for students studying  either full-time, part-time or online.


 About ReUp Education  

ReUp Education is the expert in understanding, engaging, and re-enrolling stopout students. Through its  unique blend of data, technology, and specialized coaching, ReUp has engaged more than 370,000  stopout students across a wide range of universities, and helped re-enroll over 13,000 students. ReUp is  based in San Francisco, and is funded by leading education and social impact investors, including  Entangled Ventures, University Ventures, Serious Change Investments, and The Impact Engine.