Marlee McAlpine

Success Coach


Marlee McAlpine is a certified life coach that lives by the phrase, “People don’t care what you know, until they know you care.” She is truly passionate about helping learners thrive and has been in the consulting and coaching field for over a decade. Marlee also has a background in both education and project management, which strengthens her abilities to help students no matter what phase of life they are in.

Marlee started off as a classroom teacher and quickly obtained roles in leadership by training staff and mentoring youth and young adults; ultimately becoming a Director of Education and Student Success. Marlee’s experiences additionally include helping to build up organizations, curriculum development, program expansion, working with adult learners to execute goals, and increasing student enrollment/retention in school settings.

As a former ‘stop out’ student herself, due to medical and financial struggles, Marlee identifies strongly with various circumstances that can cause students to pause their education. She is determined to share tools and resources that she used to eventually earn her degree and help others overcome obstacles in life. Marlee is most known for her faith, organizational leadership skills, empathy, positive attitude, and being an agent of change in the education community and foster care system. She currently resides in the southeast region with her children and loves all things HGTV, minimalist living, reading, and the arts.