Brandon Ransom

Success Coach


Brandon graduated from Bowling Green State University, where he studied Biology and Psychology. Upon graduating, Brandon moved to South Carolina and worked several positions, eventually as an Admissions Representative and Guidance Counselor for Virginia College. This role and his subsequent role as a College Advisor at the University of South Carolina prompted his desire to pursue a career in higher education. While employed full-time and raising a family, Brandon decided to pursue a master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from Columbia College, where he maintained a 3.5 average. It was through this challenging process that he understood firsthand the challenges adults face while seeking to earn a college degree. 


Since Brandon has worked as an Academic Counselor and Outreach Site Coordinator for TRIO programs at Midlands Technical College, helping high school students pursue acceptance to a four-year institution, and adult-aged students return to higher education. As a School Success Manager for iTutor—an educational technology-based company—Brandon homed in on his love for technology, combining his expertise in the field of education and knowledge of innovative technologies to help rural South Carolina schools provide much-needed educational interventions for students. He decided to pursue his academics further and is in the process of obtaining a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration and Educational Leadership from Liberty University. The wealth of knowledge and experience he has gained through employment and advanced education allows him to utilize his expertise to help students excel in their academic careers as a Success Coach. 


Brandon is a loving husband and father, a musician, a Golden State Warriors fan, and an avid bowler.