Need help increasing enrollment in uncertain times?

Bring back your students and help them graduate

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted many students to reconsider their options for the fall, leading to declining enrollment among many higher education institutions around the country and a flood of summer melts. 

Leveraging our patent pending technology, ReUp Education has helped re-enroll over 12,000 students and recaptured more than $38M in tuition revenue for our partner schools. Discover how you can re-enroll stopout students through ReUp with no upfront costs.

We’ve got your students’ back when they are coming back

Stopping out of college was already a national crisis before the pandemic. As showcased in the Unlikely film released last year, underneath the statistics about college completion are 36 million unique stories about the deeply personal obstacles students are overcoming in order to finish college. ReUp has developed a methodology for providing personalized support to students as they work through their specific obstacles. For each of the students that planned to enroll or continue college this fall but ultimately did not, there is a unique set of challenges, and a great opportunity to change the outcome of their story through personalized support. ReUp is ready to help these students chart their path back to college.

Why ReUp?

  • Low risk: Zero money upfront, incentives aligned to success 
  • Recovered tuition and fees: Additional revenue generated from new enrollments
  • New enrollment stream: As a member of the ReUp Network, experience a new enrollment stream  of qualified and motivated stopped out transfer students